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I am here to help you to turn your ideas into reality.


Are you ready?


Drop me a line if you want to work together, learn more about Design Sprint methodology or have any questions. 


I am based in Prague working in English and Russian across Central Europe and post-Soviet republics. 


You can meet me in Warsaw, Krakow, Berlin, Budapest, Bratislava, Bucharest, Tallinn, Vilnius, Riga, Minsk, Kyiv, Lviv, Chisinau, Moscow, St Petersburg, Tbilisi, Yerevan, Bishkek, Almaty and Astana.




what do you offer?

4 days

Design Sprint 2.0 

An improved version of the original Design Sprint.

Saves you one day of work. New exercises and a better flow.

Perfect if you want to launch a new product, service, feature or a process in your organization.

Widely used to bring innovating and disrupting tech solutions to the market.

1 day

Strategy Sprint 

Define your strategic direction, priorities, KPIs, goals and objectives.

Create a clear action list for immediate implementation.

Ideal if you start a company or a crucial project.

Vital if you need to make a major strategic pivot

2 hours

Lightning Decision Jam 

Identify and solve any problem your organization is facing.

Skip unnecessary long discussions.

Come up with viable and actionable solutions.

Perfect if you want to choose a challenge for a Design Sprint, choose a direction for organizational development, come up with new strategic initiatives.

4 days

Design Sprint 2.0 for nonprofits & public institutions

If you work in the area of civic tech, philtech or govtech, rejoice!

I am one of the few people worldwide running Design Sprints for nonprofits, public officials, and social enterprises.

I have a tailored methodology and an offer adapted specifically to your needs.

2 days

Design Sprint 2.0 training

Learn how to run a Design Sprints yourself from A to Z.

Connect with the Design Sprint community.

Get personal advice and find out about “hacks” and shortcuts.

Perfect if you want to run Design Sprints in your organization or become a freelance facilitator.


3 hours

Brand Sprint 

Create an offer and messaging that will be unique, clear, and appealing to your audience. Perfect if you want to improve your sales, launch a new product, pitch with confidence to get more funding.

Why should I trust you?​

You should trust the process that already helped dozens of most innovative companies worldwide. 

I’ll be your guide directing you through it until you’ll reach the right solution


As a Design Sprint Master certified by Jake Knapp (author of the methodology) and AJ&Smart (leading Design Sprint agency), I know the process very well.


I work with challenging cases, adapting the Design Sprint and expanding it into new sectors such as civic tech, govtech, and philtech